The CPP votes to give itself power over the judiciary

The ruling Cambodian People’s Party has voted to give itself powers over the judiciary through a set of laws that bypass both the constitution and international standards guaranteeing an independent judiciary. Citizens have long felt the effects of a politicized judiciary, suffering from partial and unjust verdicts that have reflected the hand of the government rather than the application of the rule of law. This unofficial practice has now been cemented into law through a parliament free from opposition, scrutiny and debate.

After 10 years of waiting, it took only two months for the laws to be passed through the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly and the Senate. The secretly drafted laws were tactfully announced before a national holiday, in the knowledge that interested groups and media would be absent; release dates and information were bought back and forth preventing civil society from presenting an organized response. The laws were passed through a single party National Assembly amid an opposition boycott and were finally given the seal of approval by the Senate on Friday June 13th free from amendments or review.

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