Valuing Charity

Today marks the International Day of Charity, an event established by the United Nations in recognition of the important role that charity, and charitable acts by individuals and organizations play within societies worldwide.

Charity can take many forms. The term “charity” can refer to a type of organization”. Some non-profit organizations (“NPOs”) and non-governmental organizations (“NGOs”) are registered charities. This means that they have been recognised by the government of the country work in as operating in a particular way and undertaking a range of activities that meets that country’s definition of a charity. Generally speaking, registered charities are organizations that provide some form of support to those in need.

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Not all organizations that help people are charities, and not all countries have systems that enable organizations to register as charities. CCHR is not a charity but much of its work can be considered to be charitable. Working to improve the human rights situation in Cambodia is a form of helping those in need. More specific examples are the support that we give the human rights defenders and their families when they are subject to threats, violence, and/or criminal charges as a result of their activism, through the Human Rights Defenders Project.

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